Wednesday, 3 July 2013

"Bee Friendly" and download this App

Today I came across this article in The Guardian.

It gives details about a App for iOS and Andriod, which is FREE by the way, which encourages people to give a record of the insects they see. Don't worry you dont need to be an expert to record what you see, just put in what they are generally, e.g bee. You upload photos of the insects you see and where as well. The whole idea is to try to gain important information about pollinators and the plants that they are attracted to. The App is called "Bee Friendly", see what they did there?, and is supported by Waitrose, Earthwatch and The Crown Estate, with information being used by the University of Sussex.

This is a link to the Waitrose page which has the links to download the App.

So download the App, get out into your garden, and have a look what you find and record it on the App.

Come on, "Bee Friendly"!

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