Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Grass-Free lawn, perfect for pollinators!

Today we thought we'd share a video on the BBC website from last month. Mainly because it sticks in the mind.

Here's the link.

The video looks at the Grass-Free lawn that has opened in Kensington and Chelsea’s Avondale Park. The lawn is the world's first public grass-free lawn. It was developed by Lionel Smith, PhD researcher from the University of Reading. He states that research shows that the lawn provides a better habitat for pollinating insects than traditional grass.

It looks awesome and so colourful! It's great for pollinators and it has been designed exactly for that reason.

Within the 200-square-meter lawn, there are over 30 species. including; mint, chamomile, daisies, thyme and red-flowering clover. With no grass and more flowers, the lawn requires a lot less mowing, only 3-9 times a year, and watering, and no fertiliser. Which means it's a lot more "Eco-friendly", as well as being beneficial in terms of biodiversity and for all those pollinators.

We here at Insect Hotels think its great!! What do you think?
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