Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Welsh Bee Action Plan

An article on the BBC website, once again highlighted the importance of pollinators, here's the link:

The article states that the "value of pollinators to the UK as a whole is estimated to be £430m a year", which is a huge amount. People have known of the importance of pollinators in biological terms but this shows that there is a big finical importance as well.

The article also talks about the Welsh governments action plan to try to increase pollinator numbers.
The plan will focus on four areas:
  • Bringing together policies and evidence as a base for action
  • Providing diverse and connected flower-rich habitats to support pollinators
  • Ensuring pollinator populations in Wales are healthy
  • Raising awareness to ensure people in Wales are better informed about how to manage land to attracts bees and pollinators.
 As part of the plan, the Welsh government will also establish a Pollinators Taskforce, which will help develop an awareness campaign and a best practice guide for councils.

All this is good news, as we know any actions that will help pollinators is great to hear and hopefully will encourage more to do the same.

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