Saturday, 6 July 2013

What is used to make a Bug / Insect Hotel?

Today I thought I'd give a list of materials that are used to make a Bug / Insect Hotel.
It does depend what type of bug hotel you're making, whether it's made from all natural materials or one containing man made products as well.

Here's a list of all different types of materials that could be used:

Palates or strips of wood,
Roof tiles,
Plastic and ceramic pipes of various sizes,
Deadwood – sticks and logs of all sizes,
Logs drilled with various sized holes,
Hollow bamboo canes,
Bricks and concrete blocks (preferably with holes),
Cardboard tubes and corrugated card (keep them dry though),
Roofing felt,
Crushed brick and concrete rubble,
Dry leaf litter,
Plastic bottles,
Pen casings and drinking straws,
Plant pots,
Pine cones,
The list can go on and on, pretty much use any materials that either have holes in or that grouped together make spaces that insects can get into.

Bamboo canes, as shown here, are perfect for bug hotels. They already have holes in, which insects can get into and they also make spaces between the canes. This means lots of new homes for different bugs!

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