Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Why are things so bad for the Bees?

Bees are very important to humans. Withouth them, we humans would be in serious trouble. The problem for us is, that the Bees are in trouble! This is a message which more and more people are slowly understanding. However, there are still far to many people who do not know this. This article, 'It's another bad day for bees',  outlines some of the problems bees face

We here at Bug Hotel ( feel very passionately about spreading this message.

Therefore we encourage everyone to spread the message far and wide, that bees need our help!

This does not just mean the honeybees we keep in hives, but also the wide vairty of wild bees as well.

Here's a link to 10 things you can do to help Save The Bees.

At Bug Hotel we produce and sell a number of Bug Hotels which are aimed to provide habitats for wild bees. They all have a bamboo section to offer bees habitat to lay eggs. They include:

Two Layer Bug Hotel,.

Mini Bug Cube

And lastly the Bee Bug Hotel,

Having one of these products in garden will offer bees a safe habitat to lay their eggs in.

Bug Hotel offers a whole sectional of bug and insect hotels for all different creatures, not just bees. As all insects are important.

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